Friday, March 20, 2009

Back to the Family Troop for Glenda

Glenda, the Good Gorilla...

As with all my blogging, please note that what I have written below comes from my observations and public articles I've read or viewed, and not from the LA Zoo itself. My blogs are not affiliated with the Los Angeles Zoo. I am not an expert, only a quiet observer, and reader on great apes. LA Zoo is near my residence and has been a convenient and wonderful place for me to observe these wonderful creatures. I began observing them when I started walking at the LA Zoo for my health. (The zoo's beauty and life kept me motivated to keep walking.) The great apes grabbed my attention, and so I began researching outside articles and videos as I continued to observe these incredible animals. Thus, my blogs.

Glenda is the daughter of silverback troop leader Kelly and dam Rapunzel. Glenda was born May 24, 2005 at the Denver Zoo, while her permanent home in LA was being built. She is confident, playful, and quite active in her Los Angeles Zoo home. Sometimes you can see her drumming her belly for you, or slapping the glass and running back and forth with the toddlers on the other side of the glass. She likes to slide on her back, climb trees, play with daddy, annoy "Auntie" Evelyn, or cuddle with mommy.

Lately, she has been a bit out of sorts because her daddy and auntie Evelyn haven't been with her or her mother in the Visitor Exhibit during the day. For, her daddy and Evelyn are being introduced to the new girl in town, Alafia in the back. It will be Rapunzel and Glenda's turn next to meet Alafia, but they are having to wait until the time is right. During this time, she has been clinging onto Rapunzel and not as playful as before. But, I'm sure she'll have plenty to keep her busy when the troop is back together with Alafia. So, in the meantime, the enrichment volunteers are providing plenty of special treats and enrichments.

As you can see by the following pictures, Glenda was quite close with her father, especially in the afternoons after lunch. At that time, they could often be observed together gathering, playing, cuddling, and walking along together.

The Love of a Father

Zerbits from Dad

Daddy and Daughter Time

With Kelly Napping and Calmer, Glenda Found It Safe Again

Poppa and Daughter Quality Time

But, she can also be a bit cuddly with her mom, even when daddy was around, as you can see from the pics below.

Glenda and Rapunzel

A Rapunzel and Glenda Moment

Girl Time

And, at times, she'd spend time with the older "auntie" Evelyn.

Poor Evelyn

What's in the Box

Glenda Keeps Evelyn Company

Yet, not to worry, she also knows how to keep herself busy, and is quite independent. Just take a look for yourself!

Attention! Attention! I just love attention!

Glenda Out for a Stroll

Moments Before the Fall

Accessing the Damage

Glenda Interaction

Glenda Being a Kid

Glenda ... Just Hangin' Around

And, if she doesn't look busy, she's sitting around being cute, or thinking about what other mischieve she can get into for the day.

Glenda Being Cute

Glenda Imitates My Youngest


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