Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hasani: The Other Bachelor

How to Get Attention

As with all my blogging, please note that what I have written below comes from my observations and public articles I've read or viewed, and not from the LA Zoo itself. My blogs are not affiliated with the Los Angeles Zoo. I am not an expert, only a quiet observer, and reader on great apes. LA Zoo is near my residence and has been a convenient and wonderful place for me to observe these wonderful creatures. I began observing them when I started walking at the LA Zoo for my health. (The zoo's beauty and life kept me motivated to keep walking.) The great apes grabbed my attention, and so I began researching outside articles and videos as I continued to observe these incredible animals. Thus, my blogs.

I mentioned Hasani in my blog about his younger half-brother Jabari. He and Jabari live in the Bachelor Pad of the Campo Gorilla Reserve in Los Angeles Zoo. Hasani, born October 12, 1994 at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo, just became Silverback about January 2008, and is very handsome (as his Swahili name means) indeed. Hasani was born to father Gino (born in 1980 in Rotterdam and now located at the Disney Animal Park) and Benga (born April 21, 1971 in Chicago LP and now located at the Disney Animal Park). Gino is a great Silverback and was in high demand for awhile. His parents were wild born Ernst who resides in Spain's Fuengirola Zoo and wild born Salome who died November 24, 1999 at the Givskud Zoo. Benga's parents were wild born Kisoro, who died September 24, 1986 at the Denver Zoo, and wild born Helen who resides at the Louisville Zoo.

Hasani often treats visitors at the window with his appearance, and sometimes looks at the children or those sitting there with direct looks in the eye. He also likes to stand erect and try to glance over the exhibit wall between the bachelors and the family troop, or look through the window to see a peeking Glenda at her window or even Silverback Kelly.

Lately, Hasani has been very interested in the new family troop member, Alafia, who recently arrived from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington. But, Alafia is for Kelly. Hasani's nearby presence will be good for Kelly since it will make him more interested in Alafia. Anyway, because the family members are being introduced one by one to Alafia in the back, Hasani has been spending a lot of time trying to look in the back windows.

This big guy has a beautiful pink inner, lower lip that he likes to show off often ... which makes him look to some like his is pouting. He's not. But, it sure gets him some attention ... and he knows it.

Hasani gathering breakfast:
Hasani Checks Out the Breakfast Bar

Hasani showing off his pretty pink lower lip:
Hasani Giving Us Lip

Hasani contemplating:

Hasani, the thinker:

Hasani, the handsome one:
Hasani Sulks

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  1. I like this guy a lot! Hopefully in the distant future he will have his own family, although I doubt it.