Thursday, April 2, 2009

Berani: The Little One

Little Miss Acrobat

As with all my blogging, please note that what I have written below comes from my observations and public articles I've read or viewed, and not from the LA Zoo itself. My blogs are not affiliated with the Los Angeles Zoo. I am not an expert, only a quiet observer, and reader on great apes. LA Zoo is near my residence and has been a convenient and wonderful place for me to observe these wonderful creatures. I began observing them when I started walking at the LA Zoo for my health. (The zoo's beauty and life kept me motivated to keep walking.) The great apes grabbed my attention, and so I began researching outside articles and videos as I continued to observe these incredible animals. Thus, my blogs.

Bosco Orangina "Berani" is the youngest member of the Los Angeles Zoo's Orangutan family. She was born to Minyak and Kalim at the Los Angeles Zoo on February 22, 2005. She, according to the zoo's site, is one of the "most genetically valuable Bornean orangutan" infants in North America because her father Minyak, born from 2 wild Bornean orangutan's, is very valuable. She is so enjoyable to watch, as she is very intelligent and curious.

Since Berani is usually on the move - swinging, climbing, or playing with one of the other resident orangs, I've had a hard time getting many photos of her. But, she is quite adorable to watch. She, like her mom, is quite mischievous. But, her name, "Berani" means strength and courage and is due to her father's strength and courage through a difficult time of sickness.

Often, Berani will collect "contraband" (large branches, cell phones dropped by visitors, drain caps, etc). Her mother, Kalim, encourages this because Kalim knows that she can get it from her daughter and trade it for a treat.

At the window, Berani can be quite a show off for little visitors. She will play with them at the window, or will swing or even throw herself around to get a laugh.

Though orangutans are very solitary, except for the mothers and their children staying together for 7-8 years, Berani has managed to make friends with all of the other residents with whom she comes in contact. This doesn't include her father, Minyak, because in the wild the fathers have nothing to do with their offspring. She cuddles with or gets into trouble with her mother, and she plays with Aunt Rosie (her mother's half-sister, and daughter of Eloise), Eloise, and even Bruno. Sometimes Bruno will play peek-a-boo with Berani as he sits under a blanket. Eloise and Rosie will tumble with and poke at Berani who teases them.

Berani peering at her young guests at the window:
Berani Purses Her Lips

Berani chewing on her tater sack:
Berani and Her Tater Sack

Berani hanging out with mom, Kalim:
Berani Hangin' Out with Mom, Kalim

Berani giving her mom some loving:
Berani Brings Mama Kalim Some Love

Berani being silly:
Silly Berani

Berani looking at the visitors below:
Isn't She Lovely?

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